Facilities, Services, Access and Support
At Bhagwati College of Pharmacy, we provide a supportive learning environment through our excellent range facilities, services and support programs.

Academic Support
• 24-hour on-campus WiFi & computer facilities
• Learning Advisers
• Career and Leadership Services
• Faculty Student Information Offices
• Off-campus Student Support Services

Security and Parking
• 24-hours, 7 days a week security service
• Well-lit pathways
• Ernergency phones
• Over 1,000 parking bays across the campus

Food and Retail
• Bookshops
• ATMs
• Optometrist

Health and Wellbeing
• Primary Medical Attention
• Ambulance Service
• Free Counseling Service
• Fully-equipped sports, recreation and fitness-centers
• Gymnasium and playing courts
• Laundry Service

Amidst the lush green lawns, the institute’s big sized cafeteria is situated. Along with delightful beverages and snacks that it serves, one can relax by watching the LED TV or listening to soulful music. Quality control is stringently exercised in respect of food items sold in the cafeteria.

Our campus can be accessed conveniently via public transports Our Campus is just a five minute walk from NH-709 B, plus there is also a free shuttle service available between the campus and the NH-709 B.

Since its inception, the institute has provided a reliable transport facility for its students and faculty at affordable cost. Bus facility operates from all corners of the city as also from selected points of the neighboring towns.